Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Living Room Redux

As an interior designer you are always working, even when you're not actually working. Vanessa and I both experience this, it is difficult to "turn it off"...even if you are out to dinner or at a store you're constantly looking at the lighting, some detail in the flooring, or the paint color. This weekend was no different, I helped my parents with some updates in their home as they prepare for house guests from Germany. They finally succumbed to my requests for fresh paint and new furniture! Last year they had painted their kitchen/family room a color I can best describe as "pumpkin spice latte" and it was time tone it down a bit. We went far beyond the kitchen and painted almost the whole interior, with the exception of the bedrooms. Color selection was simple and they went with two of my favorites: "London Fog" and "Classic Gray" by Benjamin Moore. "London Fog" for the Kitchen/Family Room, Dining Room and Living Room. The "Classic Gray" for the Entry, Upstairs Hallway and Downstairs Hallway. I found this picture on Houzz that happened to show the two colors together:
Photo via Houzz, designed by 2 Design Group
Besides painting we also purchased some much needed new furniture. My parents have had the same white leather sofa for 10-15+ years and it is definitely time for something new! My mom and I took a fun little trip to Crate & Barrel to try out some sofas and look at rugs. She ordered the Davis Leather Sofa in "Cashew" and the Lynx Natural Rug. We also ventured to Ikea for some new matching picture frames and a small Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for a touch of greenery.    
Happy Tuesday! And cheers to a 4-day work week!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Before and After Goodies

Quick projects are always fun. I had the opportunity to beautify a few rooms (in two days!) for a very special celebration this upcoming weekend. I had a vision in mind as soon as I saw the space...and made magic happen. I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Office Space

The time has come for the Summer to end (say it isn't so) and for school to start again. While I love Summer, I may actually love Fall more. This time of year makes me think of crisp new denim, red apples and freshly sharpened pencils.
Thinking of all the kiddos settling in at their new desks got me thinking of desks, study areas and work spaces. Which inspired me to pull together this eclectic office space.
This navy desk by Bungalow 5 has great lines and I love the ring pulls. The Yasmin Lamp is tabletop perfection with its marble base and antique brass finish. This Gold Leaf Mirror from Dwell Studio is such a beauty, it would look great in any room. Who can resist this Louis Ghost Chair ...not me! The Mara Hoffman Rug is right on trend with its eye motif and is sure to be a conversation piece. Last but definitely not least is the Gold & Cream Zebra Wastebasket.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bathroom Remodel: Before and ALMOST After

We're nearing the completion of a bathroom remodel for a client of mine in Carlsbad. We still have one more bathroom to complete but I'll share photos of that beauty later on. For now, I'm taking you through the before and *almost* after of the main bathroom.

We started with a blank slate. We wanted to update and change everything in this bathroom from head to toe. There's a shower on the left hand side that we decided to move closer to the front of the bathroom, behind the door. We also ripped out the door and put in a pocket door to create the illusion of more space, since the bathroom is already on the smaller side.

I've been checking in and taking a few snapshots with my iPhone when I can - and REALLY happy with the progress! We had a beautiful custom bamboo vanity made - hardware and countertop go in this week. Looking oh-so-lovely!

I'll be sharing more photos once the bathroom is complete! Have a great Monday!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Design Destination: Hawaii

Most of us wouldn't think of Hawaii as a design destination and truthfully there isn't a whole lot happening there in terms of interior design. But, it is a great place to relax and recharge and gain inspiration. There are so many amazing colors, textures and prints that would be difficult not to be inspired! My favorite colors there are the different colors of the ocean; from amazing bright turquoise to deep beautiful blues. I also love all of the green...everything is so green and lush there and plants and flowers are everywhere!
This is my Hawaii design inspiration, easy to find items to bring a little bit of tropical paradise into your home.
Manteca Turquoise Pillow and Geo Links Blue/Green Pillow both scream Hawaii to me. The Lanai Mirror has a great tropical vibe and would work well in an entry or bathroom. Turquoise Moroccan Leather Pouf is a classic and the color is amazing! This Sand Waves Rug says it all, no explanation needed. Wicker Pedestal Chair is the type of furniture you would expect to see in a tropical location and would be a fun addition to any living space!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Snap Shot Tips for Interior Designers

I wish I was born with a photographic memory. It would have really helped this chick out in college. I was that student (many years ago now, sad face) that needed flash cards up the wazoo because I had the inability to remember the simplest of things. I had stacks upon stacks upon stacks of flash cards. Some people are just born with that magical talent and brain power, the super memory. Yeah.....I definitely don't have that. Never will.

WHICH brings me to my now career as an Interior Designer. As projects and different clients start to pile up (fancy problems, never taking it for granted) I find myself obsessing over organization, details and making sure I'm envisioning each space precisely. I have NO idea what I would do without a camera, or a way to document each clients space and home before, during and after each project. I reference my clients homes in photos daily, and it's an absolute MUST for any designer to carry a compact camera or way to document each project.

My old Nikon D40 felt like I was lugging around a briefcase with bricks in it, and my iPhone kept screaming at me to delete old photos because it had no more storage. I've been hunting for a compact SLR for a while when I fell in love with the new Samsung NX300m. It arrived after I anxiously anticipated its arrival for over a week, and here I am testing this magical piece of technology out. I wanted something small, compact, and the ability to take SLR quality photos for both work and play. Remember, convenience is key. Don't drag around a 20lb camera, you'll scare potential clients into thinking they're taking part in your new reality show.

I hope that our blog will serve as a source of inspiration and education for anyone inspiring to become an interior designer. There are so many small details and pieces of the business to learn, and I hope posts like these can be fun and informational! I'm sharing a few photos I've taken of clients homes during my initial consults to give you an idea of what I snap photos of for later reference.

Tip: Take your time and let the client know what you're about to do. It's important to get as much detail as possible. The more photos you take, the better. Trust me, no client wants to be billed for your time to continuously envision and see their space. Sure you'll be there mostly for client meetings, but you want to be professional and respect their space as much as possible.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Client Design Concepts

This week has been a busy one and it is finally winding down. Yesterday, I met with my clients who are looking to freshen and update their entire home. I created a few design concepts for their great/family room to review during our meeting. My top pick was Design Concept #1, and we decided we loved Design Concept #1 paired with the Moroccan rug in Design Concept #3.

Creating these boards help my clients visualize the final product. I can describe a "feel" and "style" all I want, but this helps deliver my ideas from imagination to reality.

I hope you enjoy!